What Influences Hair Growth?

fast hair growthOur hair is nothing but strands of dead cells hanging around our skin. The only thing alive or responsible for hair growth, are the cells found at the base of the hair follicle called the papilla. These specialized cells work vigorously and multiply rapidly to produce hair. They are in fact, one of the fastest growing cells in the body. This is the reason why we experience hair loss when we undergo chemotherapy.

Knowing this, you may ask how come some individuals grow hair faster than others. First of all, there are a lot of factors that influence hair growth. First is the genetic predisposition of a person, if you are blessed with beautiful fast growing hair. Then consider yourself extremely lucky.

Genes maybe a good thing but don’t think that’s the only factor for fast hair growth. Below are external factors that can help you acquire beautiful and fast hair growth, even without the blessed gene.

Consuming food rich in protein helps a lot in hair growth. Our hair is mostly made of protein called keratin, a substance also found in our skin and nails. Ever wondered why extreme dieters or patients who have anorexia suffer from hair loss? It’s because they lack or don’t consume enough protein.

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals are also important for hair growth. Vitamins are co-enzymes that help metabolize nutrients more efficiently. Also other vitamins like biotin, panthenol and inositol are excellent in beautify and strengthening each hair strand.

Hygiene. Don’t be surprised that having a clean scalp influence or encourages hair growth. Scalp health is vital for beautiful hair. Washing hair with a natural deep cleansing shampoo not only rid of your hair and scalp with dirt and excess oils, it can also prevent any fungal, yeast or bacterial infections.

Also don’t forget to massage your scalp. A scalp massage help increase blood circulation and this improves oxygenation and nutrient distribution the scalp and hair follicles. Thus, promote faster hair growth.

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