Tips On How to Maintain Fast and Healthy Hair Growth

hair growthIf you have beautiful and healthy hair growth, then this is something worth maintaining. It is very important to take care of your hair and scalp while in its peak of hair growth, because a lot of people tend to neglect their hair and use all kinds of styling products which can ultimately cause hair problems like thin, dull and dry hair, slow growth and worst hair loss.

Learning how to take care of your hair hair and scalp is very important. Below are some tips on how to attain this:

Do Not Use Heat

Using heat is the easiest way to style hair, but if used in a daily basis, heat styling can really damage hair. Hot ceramic hair straighteners, hair curlers and hair dryers can literally vaporize the little moisture the hair can hold, making hair really dull, dry, and prone to breakage. It is advisable to use heat styling only on special occasions.

Ease on The Colour

It is natural for us to change hair colours from time to time. Sometimes we get this feeling or urge to lighten or darken our hair. This is fine, if  done a few times a year, our hair can take the occasional chemical splash. But if done frequently, these chemicals can cause chemical burns to the hair and scalp which can weaken the hair making it prone to breakage and could even cause patchy hair loss.

Ditch Narrow Tooth Combs

Use wide tooth combs instead. Narrow tooth combs can easily tangle hair and we tend to have a bad habit of forcing the comb through the tangles which can break or even pull the whole strand from the roots.

Invest on a Quality Shampoo

Its fine to use regular shampoos, but its best to invest on high quality shampoos and conditioners for total scalp and hair care. FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy is a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner specifically made to grow hair really fast. It contain natural ingredients like amino acids, B-complex vitamins and a special blend of herbal actives that provide all the nutrients the hair needs for fast and healthy hair growth.

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