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Stop Stunted Hair Growth

Pili_MultigeminiSometimes we experience slow or stunted hair growth. Most of us may never notice it but your barber or stylist may mention that you’ve missed on your regular hair cut schedule. Slow hair growth can be due to all sorts of conditions. One cause of stunted growing hair is malnutrition. Due to over dieting, some dieters sometimes starve themselves, and consume very little food. This deprives the hair follicles from vital nutrients for healthy hair growth like protein and vitamins.

Health conditions like anemia can also cause slow growing hair. The lack of red blood cells can drastically reduce oxygen distribution all over the body and this includes the hair follicles. Aside from protein and other nutrients, the hair follicles also need oxygen to produce hair.

Fortunately, all of this slow hair growth conditions can be reversed and actually encourage the hair follicles to grow hair faster. Eating a well balanced diet is a good start. Eating protein rich foods like fish, lean meat and vegetable protein from soy can provide all the protein the hair follicles need for fast and healthy hair growth.

Exercise is also good for healthy hair growth. A good work out increases the heart rate and improves blood circulation, this is beneficial for hair growth since increase circulation means more oxygen and nutrition are being transferred all over the body and this includes the hair follicles.

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