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Faster Hair Growth With Every Wash – FAST Shampoo Available in Boots Stores

hair growthThere are times when our hair growth wont just grow fast enough or won’t grow at all. We usually we notice this when we need our hair to fast, really fast like in cases where you get a bad haircut or you want to grow hair longer for a special occasion or just wanting to grow hair fast long and healthy.

Not to worry because there is a hair product that is specifically made to stimulate hair growth. Every wash results into faster hair growth. And the longer you use it the more effective it gets, so effective it can grow grow up to 2 inches of hair in a month – that’s double the growth rate.

FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy is a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner specifically made for faster hair growth. It contains natural ingredients like amino acids, B-complex vitamins and a proprietary blend of herb; all the nutrients need to encourage the hair follicles to produce more hair – faster.

Amino acids are very important since it is the building blocks of protein, a critical nutrient for hair since this is what hair is mostly composed of. B-complex vitamins include: biotin and pantothenic acid, both are responsible in making the hair silky soft, shiny and strong hair strands.

This makes FAST shampoo and conditioner absolutely safe, even a child can use it. Now, a new paraben and sls formulation of FAST is available in Boots stores on the 23rd of January. The shampoo and conditioner cost £24.99 together, so visit or call your nearest Boots store because this product sells pretty quick.

Also, FAST is not only for people who have a bad haircut, it’s great for patients who had partial or total hair loss who’ve gone under chemotherapy. Since the FAST only contain natural ingredients it is guaranteed safe to use especially for these immune compromised patients.