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Easy To Follow Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

fast hair growthHealthy hair growth can only be done with continuous hair care. This is none stop work of hair care by providing all the nutrients the hair needs and the providing daily maintenance cleaning of the hair and scalp.

A constantly supply of nutrients to the hair follicles will guarantee faster hair growth. This is done by eating a healthy diet especially lean meat which is a good source of protein. This nutrient isn’t only good for building muscles, its also important for hair growth because this is what hair is mostly made of.

Vitamins are also important for hair growth. Vitamins are co-enzymes that help metabolize food efficiently. Without our daily dose of vitamins, some of our bodily functions will cease to work and manifest as diseases or sickness. For hair, vitamins B5 and B7 are great in making hair beautiful. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid makes hair shiny and slippery making easier to comb or brush. Vitamin B7 or biotin makes each hair strand strong minimizing breakage. Iron also is good for hair growth, because this mineral is needed for the red blood cells to carry oxygen. More oxygenation means faster cellular growth hence faster growing hair.

Hair products are also good in promoting fast hair growth. Keeping your hair and scalp clean keeps your scalp healthy promoting fast hair growth. Also, there are hair products made specially to promote hair growth. There are shampoos and conditioners that contain nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts that promote faster hair growth.

Unfortunately,  your hair grow long over night. This needs time, but will all the tips above, like starting on healthy diet and getting the right amounts of lean meat for protein, taking your daily vitamins, keeping your hair and scalp clean and using hair growth products to hasten things a bit, you hair will grow in no time.

Proper Hair Care for Fast Hair Growth

Proper Hair Care for Fast Hair Growth

fast hair growthThe way we style or fix up our hair can reflect a lot of our personality. That’s why it’s important to keep our hair as healthy as possible. A good indicator of healthy hair is fast hair growth. So if you got fast growing hair then that’s good for you.

But how do we make our hair grow faster? Typically, our hair grows about half an inch a month and there are other factors that influence the rate of hair growth like: age, genetics, health, diet and lifestyle.

The basics to fast hair growth simply lie on the nutrients we consume and with a couple of tips and old trusted home remedies.

The first essential thing that you need for fast hair growth is to get a constant supply of protein. This nutrient is what hair is mostly made of. That’s why it’s we need to consume the right amounts of protein daily. Foods that are rich in protein are lean meat, poultry, fish and soy.

Vitamins and minerals are also important for fast hair growth. B vitamins like biotin makes the hair strands strong and pantothenic acid makes the hair shiny and slippery making it easy to come and reducing hair breakage. Taking iron is also good, iron attaches to the red blood cells and increases the affinity of oxygen to our blood. More oxygen means better protein metabolism and cell growth.

Massaging the scalp is a good technique for fast hair growth. You may not believe it but massaging the scalp increases blood flow to your scalp. This helps improve oxygen and nutrient transport to the hair follicles, hence stimulate hair growth.

Home remedies include taking a shower with cold instead of hot water. The heat is not good for hair cell mitosis and this can cause slow hair growth. Brush hair is also like massaging the scalp, so do it frequently as you can but don’t do it when hair is wet.


Amino Acids for Fast Hair Growth

Amino Acids for Fast Hair Growth

fast hair growthAmino acids are useful for fast hair growth because they are important in the many processes that influence cell development. The amino acids combine to form proteins, which are the building blocks of life. Proteins, particularly keratin, make up most of the human hair.

Hair protein is made up of amino acid chains that help make new cells. The five types of amino acids that are known to have an effect on hair growth are cysteine, cystine, arginine, lysine, and methionine.

Cysteine is an amino acid that is found in the majority of high protein foods, both from animal and plant sources. It has antioxidant properties, which means it helps protect the cells against the effect of free radicals. Free radicals result in ageing and tissue damage.

Cystine  is formed by the oxidation of two cysteine deposits. It is also useful in speeding up the proliferation of cells and has a positive effect of hair development.

Arginine is an amino acid that is said to be useful in fast hair growth because it improves blood flow. Maximum blood flow means better oxygenation to the cells.

Another helpful ingredient in fast hair growth is lysine. It is involved in the absorption of zinc and iron, which are required for the growth of hair.

Lastly, the amino acid methionine is also one of the building blocks in making protein. It contains sulfur, which if often referred to as the beauty mineral. Sulfur is known to decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation. Methionine belongs to the essential amino acids, which means that the body cannot manufacture it and the only way to get it is through the diet. Foods that contain methionine are eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, fish, and meats.

So having fast hair growth does not only involve taking vitamins and minerals, but these amino acids as well.


10 Easy Ways To Grow Hair Faster

10 Easy Ways To Grow Hair Faster

39/365: New Hair Cut!On the average, it takes a month to grow hair half an inch longer. However, is possible to have faster hair growth. To grow hair faster, here are 10 easy ways that you can do.

  1. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits like kiwi, oranges, tangerines, and strawberries are rich in vitamin C, a known antioxidant. Antioxidants are very important in repairing damaged cells which can cause body processes to slow down.
  2. Supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. Among the most important are iron, biotin, and zinc.
  3. If you want to grow hair faster, learn to manage stress. Both physical and emotional stress can force majority of your hairs to go to the resting phase of the hair growth cycle.
  4. Treat your hair gently. Avoid too much heat styling, vigorous brushing, hair colouring, and use of chemicals on the hair like perms.
  5. Be sure that you get enough exercise. This stimulates blood circulation, which will help deliver the needed nutrients to the various parts of the body, including the scalp and hair roots. With a healthy scalp, you grow hair quicker.
  6. Keep your hair and scalp clean by regular shampooing. Dust, smoke, and perspiration from everyday activities can cause grime to build up on the scalp. These can clog the follicles and can hinder healthy hair growth. To grow hair faster, an herbal shampoo is better to use for your tresses. Ordinary shampoos are usually filled with chemicals and inexpensive additives that can be too harsh for your mane.
  7. Get enough sun protection by using hats, caps, or scarves. A sun screen for the hair is also recommended especially if you are going out into the hot sun or will go on a summer vacation.
  8. Massage your scalp to stimulate circulation. Use the tips of your fingers to gently rub your scalp. This also promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and boosts the strength of hair roots.
  9. Do not forget to moisturise. You can use a good herbal conditioner several times a week depending on how dry your hair is. A hair oil treatment may also be used to control frizz and protect hair from environmental factors.
  10. Use a growth therapy shampoo to feed hair with essential nutrients, aminos and proteins not found in regular shampoos.

These are basic ways that you can do to grow hair in no time at all.

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How to Style Mens Hair

mens hairBeing in vogue is not limited to your clothing and accessories. For men, proper hair grooming and styling is also an important aspect of fashion. You can choose to wear your hair long or short, neat or sport the slightly tousled look, or even have the shaved bald head look. But for men, short hair is always the more popular choice.

Nevertheless, just because your hair is short does not mean that it has to be uninteresting. First, you need to have a good cut. If you completely trust your hairdresser, then you should have no worries. However, you may also like to research on which style you like by checking out the latest in entertainment or men’s fashion magazines. You can bring along a photo or a print so your stylist will know exactly what you want. At the same time, be realistic. If you are not Brad Pitt, do not expect to look like him once you step out of the salon. Your hair texture and thickness will also be a consideration when having your hair cut. Your stylist should be able to recommend other similar styles or alter the cut a bit to fit your requirements.

A good haircut should be texturized, meaning it should be layered or thinned in certain areas to avoid the flat, boring look.

Be sure to always have clean hair and scalp by regular shampooing and periodic hair conditioning. In styling men’s hair, it is often best to go natural. Hair gels, mousse, and waxes should be used sparingly. When styling, it is also a good idea to use your fingers to add more volume. If you should use a hair product, choose one with the appropriate hold and finish. Start applying only a small amount, adding more if needed. Rub the product between your palms and then spread evenly through the hair.

Proper styling and hair care can make the difference about how you feel about yourself. Keep in mind that to have the spruced up look, mens hair should not be neglected.

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