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Bad Haircut? Use FAST For Super Fast Hair Growth

bad haircutHave you ever had a bad haircut? Surely, everyone had a bad hair cut. But what makes bad hair cuts so terrible is the long wait before your hair grows back.

Waiting for your hair to grow back can be agonizing, it feels like forever, right? What’s worse in having a hair cut that you never want is that you have to go out and live with it. It’s absolutely embarrassing, all your friends asking you to out and you, being forced to hangout with a hair style you never wanted and this will last for a couple of months or longer if a lot of hair is cut off.

Typically, our hair grows about half an inch a month, hair growth is really, really slow. So, if your stylist cut about 3 inches of hair, it will take about 6 months to get back the original length of your hair. Now that’s a very long time to grow just 3 inches of hair.

But there are things you can do to make your hair grow quicker like: eating a healthy diet and taking your daily vitamins supplements. Eating healthy foods is very important for hair growth, especially protein because this is what hair is mostly made of. Consuming the right amounts of protein daily will provide all the protein needs for healthy hair growth. Taking vitamins is also important because vitamins act as co-enzymes that help metabolize food efficiently.  

Also, you can use a special product can help your hair grow fast called FAST. FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp is a deep cleansing shampoo specifically made to make hair grow really fast. It contains a proprietary blend of amino acids, B complex vitamins and herbal extracts that help encourage hair growth. FAST only use natural ingredients making it safe even after many years of use.  

How To Encourage Fast Hair Growth

imagesHave you been a victim of a less than attentive hair dresser who cut your hair too short? Or noticed that your hair hasn’t grown much for the past couple of months? Yes, we all experience a bad hair cut every now and then, as well as, extremely slow hair growth. Fortunately, there are ways to get hair growing really fast, read on to learn how to encourage fast hair growth.

Healthy Diet

To get hair growing really fast, it is important to start off with a good diet. Our hair or like any other cells in the body need nutrients to grow.  Specifically our hair needs proteins because this is what hair is mainly made of.  Good sources of protein are fish, soya beans, lentils, milk, cheese and lean meat from beef, pork and chicken.


Keeping your hair and scalp clean is also important for hair growth. We naturally produce an oil called sebum which is secreted by the sebaceous glands. These glands are found on every hair follicle. Sebum acts as a natural hair and skin conditioner, but if not washed regularly, the accumulation of oil could clog up the pores, reducing hair growth. So it is essential to keep the hair and scalp clean for optimum hair growth.

Invest On A Good Quality Hair Product For Hair Growth

If you want to grow hair really fast, then why not use a special product that is specifically made to do so, like FAST hair growth shampoo and conditioner. FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy is a deep cleansing shampoo that is filled with nutrients the hair needs for fast hair growth. It contain: amino acids, b-complex vitamins and herbal actives, all natural ingredients making FAST shampoo safe even after years of use.

Massage Your Scalp

A scalp massage also great in stimulating hair growth. Massaging the scalp for a few minutes while shampooing is good way to increase blood flow to the scalp. Increased blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen are reaching the hair follicles, which helps in hair growth.