Slow Hair Growth Explained

Slow Hair Growth Explained

Many times women can’t help but wonder why their hair growth seems to grow slower than others and it can be quite frustrating to wait for hair to grow.

There are several reasons why hair grows slower than usual but in order to better understand them, we should know a little something about how hair grows.

Hair usually grows at only about ½ inch per month, with each hair having a growth phase of 2 to 6 years. The hair then undergoes a rest period and then falls out. Then the follicle — a sac from which a hair grows from — will soon start growing a new strand. And this cycle will continue even as we age.

Hair can be considered a ‘gauge” of health because when the body is not healthy, the hair cells can shut down their growth in order to redirect energy elsewhere in the body. The circumstances that can cause hair loss include poor diet and nutritional deficiencies, some medications, post-surgical stress, hormonal changes, and many medical conditions like thyroid problems and diabetes.

Since women are fond of going through “crash diets”, they are very susceptible to nutritional imbalance. Many are not aware that having poor nutrition can cause hair to grow slower than normal. Since vigorous hair growth is very dependent on good nutrition, conditions like bulimia, protein or calorie deficiency, inadequate vitamins and minerals in the diet can cause hair to grow at a much slower rate.

Many alcoholics have poor hair growth because they are apt to have a poor diet because of their way of life.

In women, iron deficiency or anemia over a long period of time may cause hair to stop growing normally, such as what occurs during menstruation or pregnancy.

Female hormones slow down hair growth during the growing period but also make that period longer.

Although there is no such thing as instant hair growth, it is possible to have faster-growing hair. The first step is to make sure that your body receives proper nutrition. It is a good idea to take vitamin and mineral supplements to help nourish your hair.

Several products for hair care allow increasing hair growth for those who wish to grow the hair faster. One such product available in the market is FAST, a scientific blend of fortified essential vitamins, amino acids and herbs created for long-term use. FAST is designed to penetrate each hair strand quickly, rejuvenates your hair and results in faster hair growth than you have ever experienced. It is completely safe and gentle to use daily and can replace your regular shampoo and conditioner.

The all-natural ingredients in FAST shampoo and conditioner can make your hair grow at the rate of 1.5 times faster than normal. It has no harsh chemicals and it has the essential things that your hair needs — B vitamins (biotin and panthenol), aloe vera, chamomile, wheat proteins, vitamin E, and it is rich in amino acids – the building blocks of your hair. These products have been made with only the highest quality natural ingredients and have been proven to help grow your hair longer in less time.

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