Slow Hair Growth Due to Aggressive Hair Styling

hair growthOur hair is one part of our body that we can easily manipulate to change how we look. By styling our hair, we are given an option to express our mood, show how we feel, or you can even make a statement just by fixing up our hair.

But if you noticed your hair is not growing as fast as it use to be, you might be damaging your hair due to aggressive or excessive styling. Here are some hair styling practices that might contribute to slow hair growth.

Excessive Brushing or Combing

There is a myth that says that brushing or combing hair 100 times a day can beautify hair and can also increase hair growth. This is absolutely false, excessive combing or brushing can damage the hair. Also, when our hair get tangled, it is common for use to force the comb or brush thru hair, which can cause hair breakage, drastically slowing down hair growth.

Frequent Heat Styling

Using ceramic hot iron plates, hot curlers and blow driers are great for styling hair. But too much heat isn’t good for hair. These products can get so hot they can literally vaporize the moisture in hair, making hair dull, dry and brittle. It is advisable to use heat styling on special occasions.

Bad Hair Styles

Certain hair styles can really damage hair and worse can also cause patchy hair loss. Hair styles like dreadlocks, cornrows, and even a tight pony or pig tail can put a lot of stress to hair, causing the strands to break. In some cases, especially when worn for long periods of time, the hair can be pulled out from the follicles causing hair loss. A solution for this is not to wear these styles to tight and loosen them up a bit, or if possible, avoid using these styles to prevent unnecessary stress on hair.

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