Simple Tips To Encourage Faster Hair Growth

hair growthAre you experiencing slow hair growth? Or is your hair looking very dull and dry? There are a lot of factors that can cause slow hair growth. Maybe you are doing something that isn’t good to your hair, without you knowing it.

Poor Diet

Poor diet is one of the causes of slow hair growth. Hair cells responsible for hair growth are found underneath the hair follicles and are considered one of the fastest growing cells in the body. These cells are constantly growing, and they need a constant supply of nutrients to produce hair none stop.

Hair Products

May be you are not aware that some hair products can damage your hair and scalp causing dry brittle and slow growing hair. Constant use of hair straightening tools like flat irons, heat based curlers and blow dryers can vaporize the little moisture the hair can hold. Ever wonder where the vapor comes from when you hear your hair sizzle even when your hair is dry. That’s the moisture within your hair and when you heat this out, end result is weak hair.

Also, constant hair colour change can really damage the hair. What hair dyes do is to strip out the original colour of hair making it lighter before adding the desired colour shade. This colour stripping is what damages hair because they use strong chemicals to do this.

Things To Do

Basically to get hair back growing healthy again is to first start on a healthy regular diet. This will provide all the nutrients the hair needs to constantly grow. Also, try not to use heating products to style hair and try to lessen hair dyeing. Reserve these hair styling techniques on special occasions.

You can also use hair products specifically made to encourage faster hair growth like FAST shampoo and conditioner. This special product will be available on Boots stores on the 23rd of January. FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy is a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner that filled with nutrients like amino acids, B complex vitamins and a blend of herbs to boost up hair growth.


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