Should I Wash my Hair Daily?

The simple answer is that it depends! Bear in mind our hair physiology and chemical make up differs, so that means we need to apply individual treatment to each of us. However as a general rule it is considered that an oily scalp hinders healthy hair growth as oils are a barrier to the hair follicle. Therefore It makes sense to maintain a neutral scalp i.e. not too dry and not too oily. Once you have found a shampoo that complements your hair type you should try and maintain a neutral scalp. The difficulty is in finding the shampoo to complement and benefit your hair/scalp. It is not necessarily a case of what smells good rather than a case of what benefits your hair. Personally we like products which contain ingredients which provide nutrition to the hair and scalp eg cystine and biotin. There are some excellent all natural ranges as well as treatment products which are not all natural.  You may find that you need to alternate between them. For example if you want  to boost your hair growth then you should use FAST as that contains the optimum ingredients to stimulate and accelerate hair growth. It is also a deep cleansing shampoo which you can use every day. If however you do not want to wash your hair daily then you could alternate and use a natural shampoo on other days. Just remember: to keep the scalp neutral and clean to encourage healthy hair growth. 

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