Practical Tips For Fast Hair Growth

fast growing hairIt is normal for all of us to experience about half an inch of hair growth in a month, yet it’s absolutely possible to stimulate the hair follicles to make more hair for fast hair growth. Below are some tips for fast hair growth.

Keep Your Scalp Clean and Healthy

A lot of people who are having hair problems look for all sorts of products to make their hair grow healthier or faster, but they don’t realize that by simply keeping your hair and scalp clean is a simple way to stimulate fast hair growth. Regular shampooing removes all dirt and control oil build up in the scalp preventing any microbial of fungal growth, hence a healthier scalp. A healthy scalp means optimum hair growth.

Proper Nutrients Through Healthy Foods

Hair producing cells found at the tip of the hair follicles are considered one of the fastest growing cells in the body. For these cells to continuously grow hair, they need a regular supply of nutrients. Protein is an essential nutrient the hair needs because this is what hair is mostly made of. Food rich in protein are lean meats from beef or pork, also vegetable protein from soy is a good source.

Vitamins and minerals are also important for fast hair growth. Vitamins act as co enzymes that help metabolize food more efficiently. Also, deficiencies of vitamins like the lack of biotin can cause hair loss. Minerals like iron are also good for hair growth, iron helps the red blood cells carry oxygen all over the body and this includes the scalp.

Be Gentle To Your Hair

When grooming, don’t force your comb or brush to untangle hair, this could lead to hair breakage or worse, hair can get pulled out off the roots. Use special combs or detanglers to address this.

Avoid using heat to when styling hair. Hair strengtheners, heat curlers or blow drying can vaporize the little moisture hair contain, when this happens, hair becomes dry and brittle.


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