No Chemicals! Natural Hair Growth Solutions Only!

hair growthWe all want to have fast and natural hair growth. That’s why a lot of people stay away from chemical filled hair products that could eventually cause hair problems. Many of us are looking for alternative ways to take care of our hair.

Natural is always the best way to go when it comes to hair care, you may find that taking care of your hair naturally can be good for your health too. Below are some ways to achieve this.

Good Nutrition

Consuming healthy foods is the best initiative when taking care of hair. Like any organ in our body, our hair needs nutrients for continuous hair growth. Among all the nutrients, protein is probably one of the most important when it co mes to hair growth. Our hair is mostly made of a protein called keratin, the same material found in your nails and skin. So if you eat healthy, not only are you taking care of your hair, your taking care of your skin and nails as well.


Vitamins are very important of healthy natural hair growth. Vitamins are coenzymes that help metabolize food efficiently. Each Vitamin play an important role in keeping the body functioning properly. For hair, Biotin is important because biotin deficiency can cause hair loss. Also, when biotin is applies to the hair and scalp, it makes each hair strand stronger.

Another vitamin that is beneficial when applied directly to hair is pantothenic acid or pro-vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid makes hair very shiny, soft and slippery. This makes hair very easy to comb or brush and doesn’t make hair tangle easily. Both vitamins prevent hair breakage.

Natural Products

Hair products like FAST shampoo and conditioner is an excellent way to keep your hair and scalp clean naturally. FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy only contain natural ingredients like amino acids, vitamins and herbal actives to stimulate hair growth, very safe even after years of use.

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