My 40+ Year Old Hair

I can’t deny that I was once carefree about my hair, I am now careful with it! While it still appears in good condition despite colouring it, I certainly started to notice more hairfall. If my hair was falling out I had to try something. In addition to increasing my healthy food intake with products like purple potatoes, collagen and spirulina, I also started taking biotin tablets. Biotin is the keystone in many haircare product ranges to promote healthy growth. (It is contained in the NISIM and FAST shampoos which have been my go-to shampoos for many years, as I find they are the ones that don’t leave product build up on my hair).
To boost growth I also have been using a laser hair comb three times a week and the hair growth stimulating extract by Nisim.
So I wash my hair every other day with the FAST or NISIM shampoo (the one for dry hair). I then follow with one of the conditioners from the same ranges. It’s either the deep conditioning mask or the regular FAST conditioner which seem to work best for me. After i towel dry my hair I apply a few drops of NISIM extract all over the scalp and massage him. As my hair is coloured I also apply a few drops of an Argan oil – My current trial product of choice is the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil.
Other treatments I use about once or twice a week are seaweed powder, castor and / or coconut oil – treatments favoured by Japanese and Indian women. There is no denying they have great hair!

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