How Different Types of Protein Help in Healthy Hair Growth

healthy hair growthThere are different types of protein that can be used for healthy hair growth. Below are some of these proteins used in various hair care products. Find out how they work to make the hair healthier.

Soy Protein

As the name implies, this protein comes from soybean. In the recent years, soy protein has been utilized for its use in health food products and for hair growth. This contains the amino acids to help meet the biological requirements of the body. Aside from soy protein, soya is also a good source of B vitamins and other essential minerals for healthy hair.


This is strong cement like material that binds the cells together. Collagen gives support to most tissues and is the main component of the skin. It has enormous tensile strength because it forms in sturdy bundles called collagen fibers. Collagen is known to restore the elasticity of the skin, strengthen the nails, and rejuvenate hair.


Keratin naturally occurs in the skin and hair. It is responsible for making the hair smooth and silky. Keratin protein strengthens and helps restructure the outer layer of the hair strands.  This tough protein is found in the nails, outer layer of the skin, and the hair.

Wheat Protein

Wheat protein is said to have strengthening properties that can penetrate the cortex, which makes up the majority of the hair shaft. It is used in high quality hair care products to keep the hair from drying out. Wheat protein has film forming properties that improves softness and moisture.

Silk Protein

This is also called silk peptide and come from the center of the silk worm yarn. It is said to be the most advanced nutritive material used in hair care products. Silk protein provides a protective film when applied to the hair. It then improves the natural shine of the hair, increases hair elasticity, and can prevent damage to the hair.

The above protein types are among the most used ingredients in products that are designed to help promote healthy hair growth. The more you know about these different types and how they work, the better you can take care of your locks.

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