Foods For Faster Hair Growth

faster hair growth

Food is very important because it provides us with the energy to function and grow. There are also foods that help improve certain conditions like hair growth or hair loss. Consuming the right nutrient can reverse slow hair growth, it can also improve or promote faster hair growth.


Protein is essential for hair growth because this is what hair is mostly made of. Our hair is mostly made from a protein called keratin, very similar to what our hair is made of.  Foods rich in proteins are: lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or soya.


Vitamins are needed nutrients that the body could not synthesize, that’s why we need to take our daily vitamin supplements. Also, there are vitamins specific to beautify and strengthen hair, the so called “hair vitamins” are: Biotin (vitamin B7) and Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5). Both vitamins should be applied directly to the scalp and hair to work their magic. Biotin help strengthen each hair strands minimizing hair breakage. Pantothenic acid makes the hair shiny and slippery making hair easy to comb or brush, also minimize hair breakage.


Iron is mineral that plays a vital role in oxygen transport in our body. Iron helps the red blood cells carry oxygen all over the body, including the hair producing cells found under the hair follicles. It is important to mention that our hair producing cells are one the fastest growing cells in our body, so it is essential to provide all the nutrients and oxygen these cells need for continuous and fast hair growth. Foods rich in iron are: liver, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, apricots, cranberries, prunes, cherries and dried fruits.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids help condition hair, it hydrate and maintain its natural shine. Food rich in fatty acids are nuts and seeds like flax seeds, sesame, walnuts and fish.


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