Actual Customer Feedback

Sarah's FAST feedback I have been using
FAST Shampoo and Conditioner for just over 5 weeks and I have noticed a
dramatic increase in my hair growth. I would estimate that in 5 weeks
my hair has grown just over an inch. This is far quicker than its usual
growth rate. As my hair is coloured , the condition is quite poor, but
whilst using FAST my hair condition has been far better and smells
wonderful!! Needless to say I will continue to use FAST products…
Sophia's FAST comments I always had long hair ( it covered my back ) but one hot summer day I did a really silly thing by getting my hair cut really short. I regret this and still wish I could turn back time. As I was browsing for a product that could make my hair longer I saw Fast and decided to give a go. I first bought a set of shampoo and conditioner and washed my hair every day. It was just over a week not only did I and my family notice the length of my hair but it was also softer and healthier. Thank you for such a great product I just bought another 4 sets to make sure I won’t run out. Hopefully I will get my long hair back just before end of the year. Sophia
Luke's FAST testimonial I’m guessing you don’t get many guys buying your product but i’ve been
wanting to grow my hair for a while, but i’ve always been impatient.
This stuff has boosted my hair growth ten fold. It has grown 3 1/2 inches in
3 months, and it takes 1 month for the stuff to take its effect! My hair
is stronger and smoother. Definately going to reorder some more of this.
How many times have you been taken in by hair adverts promising an end to problem hair? well did any of them work for you? they didn’t for me and believe me when I say I have tried pretty much everything to calm my frizzy straw like hair. I came across F.A.S.T. by accident and thank goodness I did! I nearly didn’t buy it as it seemed to be for accelerated growth and not frizziness. But I read on and the more I read the more convinced I was to give it a try. After the first wash I could see the difference, it was much softer and the frizz was noticeably less. I can’t tell you how good that made me feel! Still a bit sceptical I washed it everyday as it says and now about ten days later my brittle coarse unstylable hair is now soft, supple and shiny and NO MORE FRIZZ! as for the accelertaed growth? well the results I have seen so far are amazing – what can I say i trust this product 100% buy it you’ll love it!
F.A.S.T Hair Growth shampoo & conditioner buyer
I would like to praise you for all the hard work you do and especially this
amazing product. I got the worst haircut ever just a month ago and only
needed my hair to grow out an inch or two so I could get my old hair cut
back, with the shampoo and conditioner I had people commenting within a
week, when i got the supplements the feedback was sheer shock! I am
especailly really impressed with the added advice you gave to eat well and
excercise, generally encouraging customers to be healthy, that to me is
responsible and is why i place my trust in you.

F.A.S.T Hair Growth shampoo & conditioner buyer
I am writing to you regarding FAST Shampoo & Conditioner. It is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. It is very effective and it does exactly what the name implies – it makes your hair grow faster. I have been trying FAST for nearly 45 days and my hair grown at a noticeable faster rate than it ever has in many months. In the first 30 days of using the product my hair has become soft and easier to comb. I am totally hooked on FAST shampoo and conditioner. Martin C.

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