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How do I get rid of product build up?

If you find you have a constantly itchy scalp or that your scalp appears to have a buildup of products, one of your best options is to change the products you use. Start with the shampoo. It is best to use a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo. These types of products will often cleanse the scalp effectively although you may require two washes from them. Our personal recommendations are FASTand Nisim, both of which of clarifying shampoos. Using a conditioner on the ends of your hair should not encourage product build up. However you should avoid using hairspray and other styling products or ensure to wash those out at the end of the day. Changing products and trialing new ones may be the key to keeping your hair gorgeous and healthy.

Can massage help stimulate hair growth ?

There is no doubt that massage assists in many aspects on the body. It is now also widely believed that massaging the hair can assist with healthy hair growth. After all you are stimulating the scalp which ultimately can influence hair growth. There are a number of massage applications or techniques from the Indian head massage which often also combines a nourishing oil which will benefit your hair follicles. Then there are products. Our favourite of which are:

Japanese head massager by REFA this is the priciest one but it is the original massage. Many copies of inferior quality have followed but always go with the original.

On the other scale is a battery operated massage brush which is very cost-effective.

If all else fails simply use your hands and some good oil and learn to massage your scalp yourself. 

Which nations have the best hair?

There was no doubt that certain nations have outstanding hair. Of course it is subjective but there is little doubt that Hawaiian, Japanese, and Indian women are renowned for their glossy locks. Partly down to genetics, but it also has something to do with what you feed your body and hair. If we could tap into their secrets then perhaps we would have gorgeous hair.

Most of us will never live in Hawaii but we know some of their ingredients are captured in shampoos. It was Paul Mitchell, possibly the first celebrity hairdresser, who reportedly discovered the Hawaiian secret. He had seen local women washing their hair with a certain flower bulb and then discovered the actual ingredient was a ginger plant. Later he harnessed the ingredient and included in his best selling shampoo range.

The Japanese may well attribute their healthy hair to their high fish intake but it is also known that they traditionally washed their hair with seaweed. Could this be what we should try?

What about Indian women? They traditionally oil their hair with a mustard oil. It may not smell the best but if it works at keeping the frizz and grey hairs at bay it’s certainly worth a try.  That or another oil packed with luscious hair feeding ingredients like SAAF.

What ever you try it definitely seems worth trying a product which contains nutritional value, rather than one which was simply clean your hair.  I may be biased but the shampoo I always go back to is FAST -yes it contains a lot of proteins and amino‘s, but it also leaves my scalp squeaky clean and free from for a build up. Works great for me!

Healthy Hair Tips for Over 40s

While we are young our growth hormones are on the offensive – slow hair growth is something young people almost never have to worry about. However, as we get older, and particularly after age 40, these hormones slow down considerably.

Healthy hair growth is a goal that many of us strive for, but not many of us fully understand. To begin with, we need to understand why hair stops growing healthily:

Recurring breakage and slow hair growth is an unfortunate tragedy that many of us will face at some point in our lives. Ageing follicles, hormonal imbalances and genetics all play a part in this process, but there is still good news. If you vary your lifestyle in specific ways, you can work to ensure your hair continues growing thick and strong.

If your slow hair growth is purely due to your genetics then there is unfortunately not much that can be done. However, if it is the effect of a multitude of other factors, there are ways in which to counteract it.

  1. Getting older means a slowing of your metabolism and a greater overall amount of energy your body needs in order to function as it once did in its youth. Bearing this in mind, it is imperative that your diet consists of healthy vitamins and minerals including Biotin, iron, calcium etc.
  2. Avoid drinking and smoking! Particularly the latter as it adds nasty carcinogens to your bloodstream which will debilitate not only your chances of healthy hair growth, but your overall health in general.
  3. Supplement your lifestyle with the FAST shampoo and conditioner to stimulate healthy hair growth safely and effectively. We use natural vitamins and amino acids in this formula to ensure that slow hair growth is counteracted.
  4. Avoid adding any type of chemicals to your hair that aren’t ensured to be safe. These could damage your hair follicles and reduce your chance of healthy hair growth dramatically.
  5. Try and stay calm! The cliche of ‘being so stressed your hair falls out’ has a certain degree of truth to it. Multiple studies have linked stress levels with hair growth and the rate of hair growth.
  6. Take multivitamins to supplement those essential vitamins and minerals that you may be finding hard to get through your normal diet.

Remember that no matter how old you are it is never too late to begin taking care of your body. It is indeed somewhat of a lengthy process that requires both discipline and time, but if you truly are committed to seeing healthy hair growth then it is well worth the effort.

Be sure to share this link and add your own comments or techniques that you use to ensure healthy hair growth in the later stages of life.

Important Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

As people begin to age they often suffer from slow growing hair, or in more extreme cases, balding. The chances of this happening to you are mostly contingent on your genetics; however, that is not to say it is a waste of time to encourage healthy hair growth while you still can. Recent studies have shown that people who actively work to encourage healthy hair growth have a 23% less likely chance of balding before age 50.

What Can You Do?

Using the FAST formula will indeed stimulate healthy hair growth, but should be used in combination with a series of lifestyle choices to maximise potential hair growth.

Eating healthy is the foundation of almost any change you could wish to make to your aesthetic. Your body is only able to change in proportion to the amount of energy it has for that change; like the way a car can only run as long as it has fuel. In order to supply your body with the appropriate amount of fuel, you will need to make sure you take in essential vitamins and minerals. Making sure iron and zinc – found in beef, pork, beans and mushrooms is a part of your everyday diet will go a long way towards stimulating hair growth.

Scalp massages can also be of great use. Using any natural oils, massage the scalp to increase blood flow to the area – in turn promoting healthy hair growth! Lavender and Rosemary oils are highly recommended as they are packed with antioxidants that purify the hair and encourage it to grow.

Using the FAST formula is a perfect way to supplement your lifestyle changes. It’s important that the word “supplement” is stressed as, if you use FAST in isolation, you could be limiting the progress you see. If you are in fact using FAST as a supplement then you are well on your way to  healthy, beautiful hair!

What Shouldn’t You Do?

Modern fashion trends often involve dying or bleaching your hair. If you are committed to making your hair grow faster, avoid these products at all costs. They are rife with harmful chemicals that are counter-productive to healthy hair growth.

Recent studies have also shown an excess exposure to ultraviolet light is also damaging to hair growth. Even if you aren’t trying to stimulate hair growth, an excess of UV light is harsh on your skin and in worst case scenarios can lead to skin cancer. You should always protect yourself with sunscreen and a hat. The latter is especially important if you want to encourage healthy hair growth while spending time in the sun.

If you have any more pro tips on what to do or not to do to encourage healthy hair growth, be sure to share this post and add your own thoughts!