Is Washing Hair Daily Safe?

True or false? Washing hair every day dries it out. False. Washing hair daily is really not bad for your hair. What could dry the hair out would be the shampoo you are

Slow Hair Growth Explained

Slow Hair Growth Explained Many times women can’t help but wonder why their hair growth seems to grow slower than others and it can be quite frustrating to wait for hair to grow.

How Does FAST Shampoo And Conditioner Promote Fast Hair Growth?

Whether we like it or not, society places importance on appearance and youthful image. Everyone says that “looks are not important” and that it’s what’s “inside that counts”, however the reality is that

Hair Supplements to use with FAST

Hair Supplements to use with FAST Customers frequently ask about hair supplements. While FAST shampoo and conditioner is all you need to boost the rate of hair growth, supplements can also help as