How do I get rid of product build up?

If you find you have a constantly itchy scalp or that your scalp appears to have a buildup of products, one of your best options is to change the products you use. Start

Can massage help stimulate hair growth ?

There is no doubt that massage assists in many aspects on the body. It is now also widely believed that massaging the hair can assist with healthy hair growth. After all you are

Which nations have the best hair?

There was no doubt that certain nations have outstanding hair. Of course it is subjective but there is little doubt that Hawaiian, Japanese, and Indian women are renowned for their glossy locks. Partly

Healthy Hair Tips for Over 40s

While we are young our growth hormones are on the offensive – slow hair growth is something young people almost never have to worry about. However, as we get older, and particularly after

Important Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

As people begin to age they often suffer from slow growing hair, or in more extreme cases, balding. The chances of this happening to you are mostly contingent on your genetics; however, that

Identifying Alopecia – Stunted Hair Growth

The FAST formula is indeed extremely potent for encouraging healthy hair growth – however this comes on the condition that your hair does not suffer from any tertiary ailments such as alopecia. Alopecia

Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Growth

Long hair is an enviable trait – many of us want it but few of us have it. There are a whole slew of products out there that can bolster that rate of

Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

The FAST formula is wonderful for encouraging healthy hair growth. It adds the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for your hair to grow rapidly and healthily. However, using the FAST shampoo and conditioner

A Guide to Healthy Hair Growth

Simple guide To Healthy Hair Growth Some people are very lucky to be born with  thick, long and beautiful hair. Unfortunately, most os us have to look for ways to get our hair