3 Ways to Naturally Stimulate Hair Growth

hair growthTypically, we grow about half an inch of hair a month, that’s pretty slow hair growth, right? In six months, hair will only grow about three inches. But there are ways to jump start your hair growth and make it grow faster, longer, and look more beautiful at the same time.

Good hair management technique is the best way to naturally achieve healthy, beautiful and fast hair growth, which will be discussed below:

Know Your Vitamins

Vitamins are very important for maintaining our bodily functions. In fact, we need vitamins in order to survive, but too much vitamins can also cause toxicity. A lot of writings in the web are suggesting to take high dose of vitamins, particularly biotin and pantothenic acid to stimulate hair growth. This is absolutely false, biotin and pantothenic acid does stimulate hair, but only when applied directly to the scalp and hair. Biotin or Vitamin B7 help strengthen each hair strand, minimizing hair breakage. Pantothenic acid or popularly known as pro-vitamin B5 beautifies hair by making it really soft, slippery and shiny, this slipperiness prevents hair tangles; therefore, preventing hair breakage.

Food For Hair

A lot of people go on a diet these days because of obesity issues. That is fine, but depending on your diet plan, you could sacrifice the health of your hair. Low protein diets are unfavorable for healthy hair growth, since it requires very low or even zero consumption of protein. But our hair needs protein, mainly because our hair is mostly made of this nutrient. So if you’re trying lose some extra pounds, chose a diet plan that lets you take the right amounts of protein daily.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your hair and scalp clean makes it ideal for fast hair growth. Our skin constantly produces an oil called sebum with is secreted the sebaceous glands. Sebum acts as a natural hair and skin conditioner which is great for maintaining the health of the skin and hair. The problem with sebum is if it is not washed off regularly, hair becomes greasy. This can easily attract dirt and dust and when this reach the scalp, sometimes the dust-oil mix can harden, obstructing the natural flow of hair growth.


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