3 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

hair growthThere are a lot of factors that can influence hair growth. There are times when hair grows really fast and sometimes very slow. But all of us want our hair to grow healthy and fast, right?

In reality, we are the ones responsible why our hair grows sluggish sometimes. Without knowing, some of our hair grooming practices could be the culprit of slow hair growth. Also, bad eating habits can cause slow hair growth. Below are some tips on how to naturally grow hair.

Stop Using Heat

Stay away from using heat when styling hair. The use of blow driers, hair strengtheners and hair curlers can cause dry and brittle hair. This makes hair very prone to breakage, which can greatly influence the length of hair. Only use this type of hair styling on special occasions.


Gentle Grooming

When we’re grooming, it’s natural to get hair entangled, and what we wrongfully do is force our comb or brush through our hair. This definitely can cause hair breakage.  To prevent this, remember to always brush or comb hair gently. If there’s a stubborn tangle, then use a detangling hairbrush. Also, never comb or brush hair while your hair is wet, our hair tends to stick together when it’s wet. So, towel dry first before combing.

Health For Hair

As the saying goes “you are what you eat” and this goes for hair too. Nutrition is vital for hair growth. If you are wondering why your hair is dull, dry and growing slow, you better check you’re diet first. If you’re on a low protein diet regime, then it is best shift to a different diet plan because our hair needs protein to grow healthy. Our hair is mostly made of a protein called keratin, the same protein found in our skin and nail. So if you consume the right amounts of protein daily, this will not only promote healthy hair growth, its healthy for your skin and nails too.

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