3 Easy Steps For Healthy Hair Growth

healthy hair growthWe always want our hair to be lively and beautiful as possible. Having admirable hair somehow makes us feel good, it boost our confidence and it just makes us feel beautiful. Also, how we fix up our hair reflects a lot about our personality. So it is imperative to be well groomed whether we’re in or out doors.

Sadly, there are times when our hair just won’t cooperate no matter how we style and condition hair. In some cases, hair can become dry and brittle, making hair prone to breakage. In worst cases, Hair can also grow very thin, that could later lead to hair loss.

Fortunately, there are things that we can do to prevent all of these hair mishaps. Just follow these healthy hair growth tips.

Eat Healthy

Start with a healthy diet. Stop consuming those fat filled burgers or deep fried snacks. Instead eat protein rich foods from lean meats, proteins are important for hair growth because this is what hair is mostly made of. This is the reason why consuming the right amounts of protein daily is very important to provide all the nutrients the hair follicles need to continuously grow hair.

Keep it Clean

Good scalp hygiene is very important for healthy hair growth.  Washing off all that dirt and excess oils on the scalp and hair will prevent any microbial and fungal growth. Dirt from the environment easily cling to hair, this consist from dust or other floating substances in the air. The oil on the other hand, specifically called sebum, is naturally produced the sebaceous glands found underneath the skin. Sebum acts as a hair and skin conditioner and does a really good job too. But anything in excess isn’t good, even if it is naturally produced by the body. Too much sebum can be a medium for all sorts of fungal and microbial growth like dandruff for example. That’s why it is important to regularly wash the hair and scalp.

Vitamins For Hair

It is good to take your daily vitamin supplements, as these nutrients are needed for the body to function properly. But there are vitamins that specifically benefit our hair when applied to the scalp, these are biotin and pantothenic acid. Biotin or vitamin B7 makes each hair strands stronger, while pantothenic acid makes the hair very shiny and slippery. Both vitamins help minimize hair breakage.



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